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Finland's national team head coach is opened to an open

Geplaatst: 16-06-2015 18:35
door 8board
Hello Heerenveen Fans! I hope we get Dutch coach!

Here is the news from Finland, at 19:00 o'clock.

Could you send this message to NOS or other Holland Text TV! Thank you very much! Orange is very very good!

Finland Text TV:

Football Association of Finland the federal government decided on Tuesday 16/6/2015 that Finland's national team head coach is opened to an open national and international search.
The search will end at the beginning of August
Open search starts immediately after the summer solstice and ends on August 3rd 2015. Applications will be processed in early August and a decision will be concluded by mid-August.

The head coach is applied for 2-4 years. If the incoming head coach can take on this task until after wearing EM-qualifying tournament, A-national team head coach role out by someone or some persons already in the service of the Football Association over an internal job descriptions addition.

- Through this process, we get a thorough picture of the coach market in the home country and abroad. Open Search is a good solution too, because in this way we get a list of trainers who are passionate about wanting to coach the eagle owl. I believe that we will get a very interesting and high-quality candidate list, says the president of the Football Association of the Finland.

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Re: Finland's national team head coach is opened to an open

Geplaatst: 17-06-2015 13:31
door 8board
Litmanen involved in selecting the Finnish coach
Finnish national team named the new head coach in August

Joska Saarinen
Helsingin Sanomat

Football Association of Finland the federal government decided at its meeting on Tuesday that the national team's head coach is opened after the summer solstice national and international search. The Football Association is looking at the eagle owl known national team coach, which would last two to four years.

Search expires on August 3 and the decision on the new head coach is to be made by mid-August.

"The idea is that we have enough time to take into account all interested parties," Chairman of the Football Association of the Finland says.

The federal government's meeting did not discuss the individual names. Proposed Alajan open call received unanimous support. The system will facilitate the search to identify candidates' motivation.

"We want to see the applicants emotional ties to the fact that now we can create something new", the Sub explains.

Decisions are doing in addition to the members of the Federal Government experts, such as the Football Association's payroll football legend Jari Litmanen. Litmanen and other advisers to the task is to identify what kind of football Finland should play in the future, so the national team to succeed. The subsequent potential candidates cropped. Litmanen itself is not applying for the post.

If the new coach can not take up his duties between consumable European Championship qualifiers, the Football Association's someone on the payroll coach temporarily jumps responsibility.

The remaining Alajan by four European Championship qualifying match in the coach's most important task is to bring a new and cheerful expression, thought and spirit.

"Regardless of the results will need to get the feeling that under- achievement is over."

The Football Association has been remaining qualification round of the budgeted target audience. FA president says, the economic situation is not a problem if the new coach wants to start immediately.

Finland is currently the fifth in group with no real opportunities for the European Championship. Future World Cup qualifiers Finland leaves the fifth toss the basket, which means more difficult qualifying blocks.

The subdivision does not believe that the difficult starting points frighten potential applicants.

"National team coach's enlistment is always very attractive."