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Heerenveen - AZ

Geplaatst: 05-08-2013 15:26
door Maverick

I am Maverick - Ajax fan. But I've got Frisian roots, therefor I consider SC Heerenveen to be the Frisian national Team! :)

In Frisian mathers, I only use a bit of Frisian and a lot of English. No Dutch at all. Like that, also followers of Heerenveen from East Friesland and Noord Friesland, and the many many thousands of people with Frisians ancestors all over the world, will understand what I write. I hope you understand.

On the "We gaan op Hertenjacht" thingie I noticed in the Dutch language topic on the match: the association was a bit insensitive, but at itselve it was funny. I saw 40 minutes of SC Heerenveen versus AZ, and I also saw around 40 minutes of Cambuur versus NAC. Im my opinion, Heerenveen and Cambuur will not play in the same league this year...

Cambuur is in competion for staying in the league, and Van Basten - who's just as Frisian as I am ;) - didn't come to Heerenveen just for reaching the play offs - he came to winn the league. If the big ones screw up, than this should be possible.

Cambuur might very well stay in the league, but that's only because Go Aheaf Eagels is in the league to. Cambuur has a pretty slow and physical team with little creative power. If Heerenveen reaches it's normal level, getting six points versus this team should be doable.

While Heerenveen is in competition to winn the league, which should happen ones in a lifetime, the two Frisian teams in the Dutch League are not in direct competition with eachother - but Cambuur will try and get some points from Heerenveen, because they want to qualifee for the play offs Eredivisie / Eerste Divisie... No way they will reach the 15 spot with what they have now. Plus because to them it's the match of the year!