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Danijel Pranjić

BerichtGeplaatst: 19-07-2012 16:28
door SCP

I'm a Sporting CP supporter, and as you probably know, we just signed your former player Pranjic. I know the player, i saw some matches of his career, but i would like to ask you guys which was the position where he played most of the time in Heerenveen, left defender, left midfielder, or attaking midfielder/number 10 ? And mostly, where did he played in that 2008/2009 season, when he scored a lot of goals ?

I ask this because i would suppose that Sporting signed him to be a backup to either our left defender (Insúa) or to our left midfielder/winger (Capel) and maybe to eventualy play as center midfielder if necessary, but now i hear that he can probably be our first choice as an attacking midfielder, if we sell Matías Fernandez.

Thanks in advance, and good luck to Heereveen for next season, and of course to the great Van Basten, who last season almost was signed as our manager.

PS. Why did you sold Narsingh to our "big friends" of PSV ( :twisted: ), and only for 4M euros ? You should've asked for more, or sold him to Sporting. :mrgreen:

Re: Danijel Pranjić

BerichtGeplaatst: 19-07-2012 18:02
door Eric
Pranjic can play on every position of the left side. In the season you mentioned he played as a left winger and did pretty well.

And Narsingh was sold because his contract would end next year and he did want to leave :(

Re: Danijel Pranjić

BerichtGeplaatst: 23-07-2012 00:32
door SCP
Thanks again. :)